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How to have sex with Anal Loving MILFs?

For some Anal loving milfs, like me, anal sex can be a astonishing addition to the bedroom. Until recently, I would never have an orgasm from anal sex unaccompanied. Anal sex has always been a welcome forerunner to vaginal penetration as well as other below-the-belt play. The most powerful orgasms I have had — ever — have concerned some combo of concurrent vaginal penetration, clit inspiration, as well as ass play.

The key, for Anal loving milfs, is to have a patient partner — one whom they trust. Oh, plus plenty of lube. The anus isn’t self-lubricating, as well as the sphincter requires being relaxed before you place in anything into it. For me to connect in anal sex, I need to be fully tranquil, lubed, as well as ready. And even then, sometimes the equipment isn’t, umm, like-minded. Usually, I would say you can never have too much of a superior thing, but size can be a subject.


It needs to be a “hell yes” – Like anything in life, if the thought of anal sex doesn’t inspire an excited “hell yes” you perhaps shouldn’t do it. If someone has to induce you to do something, say no.

There requires being a solid level of trust – For me, anal sex needs a superior level of faith than vaginal sex. I have rarely had tender vaginal penetration, but there have been a few less-than-memorable occurrences with an overzealous penis and my ass. Don’t let a penis or strap-on get near my backside unless you trust that you will wield it sensibly.

If you “accidentally” slip it in, you’re an asshole – There are these concepts known consent and communication.

Let go of any expectations – Instead of straight away focusing on full penetration, try to be as there as probable, and enjoy the buildup as well as arousal. Sometimes, it takes a little tries to make it happen. And sometimes, structure doesn’t fit, or it’s tender for the MILF.

Your butt is beautiful. If you are going to let somebody stick their dick or else strap-on in your backside, you are going to have to unwind about how it looks. It may not be your most favorite body part, but the actuality is that someone will be eyeing at it, they may be licking it, and if all goes as intended, penetrating it. All butts are good-looking.

Relax –If you are anxious, take a few deep breaths. Like you mean it deep breaths! A calm mind will optimistically set your ass at ease.

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